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UICamera.MouseOrTouch Class Reference

Ambiguous mouse, touch, or controller event. More...

Public Attributes

Vector2 pos
Vector2 lastPos
Vector2 delta
Vector2 totalDelta
Camera pressedCam
GameObject last
GameObject current
GameObject pressed
GameObject dragged
float clickTime = 0f
ClickNotification clickNotification = ClickNotification.Always
bool touchBegan = true
bool pressStarted = false
bool dragStarted = false


bool isOverUI [get]
 Returns whether this touch is currently over a UI element. More...

Detailed Description

Ambiguous mouse, touch, or controller event.

Member Data Documentation

ClickNotification UICamera.MouseOrTouch.clickNotification = ClickNotification.Always
float UICamera.MouseOrTouch.clickTime = 0f
GameObject UICamera.MouseOrTouch.current
GameObject UICamera.MouseOrTouch.dragged
bool UICamera.MouseOrTouch.dragStarted = false
GameObject UICamera.MouseOrTouch.last
Vector2 UICamera.MouseOrTouch.lastPos
Vector2 UICamera.MouseOrTouch.pos
GameObject UICamera.MouseOrTouch.pressed
Camera UICamera.MouseOrTouch.pressedCam
bool UICamera.MouseOrTouch.pressStarted = false
Vector2 UICamera.MouseOrTouch.totalDelta
bool UICamera.MouseOrTouch.touchBegan = true

Property Documentation

bool UICamera.MouseOrTouch.isOverUI

Returns whether this touch is currently over a UI element.

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