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UIAtlasInspector Class Reference

Inspector class used to edit the UIAtlas. More...

Inheritance diagram for UIAtlasInspector:

Public Member Functions

override void OnInspectorGUI ()
 Draw the inspector widget. More...
override bool HasPreviewGUI ()
 All widgets have a preview. More...
override void OnPreviewGUI (Rect rect, GUIStyle background)
 Draw the sprite preview. More...

Static Public Attributes

static UIAtlasInspector instance

Detailed Description

Inspector class used to edit the UIAtlas.

Member Function Documentation

override bool UIAtlasInspector.HasPreviewGUI ( )

All widgets have a preview.

override void UIAtlasInspector.OnInspectorGUI ( )

Draw the inspector widget.

override void UIAtlasInspector.OnPreviewGUI ( Rect  rect,
GUIStyle  background 

Draw the sprite preview.

Member Data Documentation

UIAtlasInspector UIAtlasInspector.instance

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