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ExampleDragDropItem Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for ExampleDragDropItem:

Public Attributes

GameObject prefab
 Prefab object that will be instantiated on the DragDropSurface if it receives the OnDrop event. More...
- Public Attributes inherited from UIDragDropItem
Restriction restriction = Restriction.None
 What kind of restriction is applied to the drag & drop logic before dragging is made possible. More...
bool cloneOnDrag = false
 Whether a copy of the item will be dragged instead of the item itself. More...
float pressAndHoldDelay = 1f
 How long the user has to press on an item before the drag action activates. More...

Protected Member Functions

override void OnDragDropRelease (GameObject surface)
 Drop a 3D game object onto the surface. More...
- Protected Member Functions inherited from UIDragDropItem
virtual void Start ()
 Cache the transform. More...
virtual void OnDragDropStart ()
 Perform any logic related to starting the drag & drop operation. More...
virtual void OnDragDropMove (Vector3 delta)
 Adjust the dragged object's position. More...
IEnumerator EnableDragScrollView ()
 Re-enable the drag scroll view script at the end of the frame. Reason: More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Public Types inherited from UIDragDropItem
enum  Restriction { Restriction.None, Restriction.Horizontal, Restriction.Vertical, Restriction.PressAndHold }
- Protected Attributes inherited from UIDragDropItem
Transform mTrans
Transform mParent
Collider mCollider
Collider2D mCollider2D
UIButton mButton
UIRoot mRoot
UIGrid mGrid
UITable mTable
int mTouchID = int.MinValue
float mPressTime = 0f
UIDragScrollView mDragScrollView = null

Member Function Documentation

override void ExampleDragDropItem.OnDragDropRelease ( GameObject  surface)

Drop a 3D game object onto the surface.

Reimplemented from UIDragDropItem.

Member Data Documentation

GameObject ExampleDragDropItem.prefab

Prefab object that will be instantiated on the DragDropSurface if it receives the OnDrop event.

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